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Tiki Mailbox

We needed a new mailbox. And our town is full of custom and unique mailboxes. So of course, we needed to go tiki! Plus, this also gives me a good opportunity to see how this construction holds up outside.

Mailbox is basically built from 1×6 and 1×10 pine lumber, assembled into hollow squares. I made sure the mailbox was at least approved size or larger based on USPS spec. I considered wrapping it around an actual mailbox, but I thought it would be too complicated to cover the door flap, and this way we gain a little more space without the curved top. 

The flicker light I found on Amazon, and rewired it so the solar panel could be run down the bamboo and tucked away out of sight. The bamboo stalk is actually made from PVC for durability.

I thought I designed it for rain, but, it leaks in the door pretty bad during heavy rains. So next step will be to add a little rain gutter above the door flap. 

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