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Bamboo Bureau

Keepers of tiki

What is Bamboo Bureau you ask?

Bamboo Bureau is a place for all my tiki endeavors. This is the work of myself, Bob Potter and my trusty partner Tiffany. We’re here trying to carry on the fantasy and escapism of the classic tiki style from the 1950’s and beyond. 

Latest Work

Tiki mailbox

My personal mailbox, so it had to be tiki! Our town is full of unique mailboxes, so I needed one too.

Planter boxes

Turned these plain cedar planter boxes into something fit for a tiki bar patio.

Honu Tiki Golf Cart

Now there are two tiki golf carts in Dunedin! This one has some Jeep flair.

Things we do

If there is a way we can work tiki into it, then we are on board.

Tiki Carpentry

Tiki Vehicles

Tiki Websites

Tiki Art

Tiki Events

Are you noticing a theme?

Let's Build Something Together!

Based in Dunedin, FL